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Why coconut water?

     About a third of the world's population depends on coconut for food and source of income: many inhabitants in India, South East Asia and the Pacific Islands consider coconut palms as the “Tree of Life”, for it not only provides materials for non-culinary use, but also food, source of energy and  traditional and modern medicinal remedies.


   Coconut water poured straight out of the fruit is a light, fragrant and refreshing beverage, it’s mildly sweet with a slight nutty taste and astringent feel. It had only recently received much attention by the North American markets and Western consumers for its nutritional value and higher content of electrolytes: it quickly became a natural substitute for artificial sports drinks.

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Why Koh coconut?


     KOH is the word in Thai language for “island”, where all our coconut mangroves, farmers and our founding company are located. We take pride of the benevolent and humble Thai culture and the special coconuts fruits from this country, harvested from the Southern regions.

     The secret to every sip of delicious KOH is simply the top quality of what the Thai people call "Nam Hom" (Fragrant Water). We blend Nam Hom to our coconut water instead of sugar or other forms of sweeteners or preservatives, to create the most sublime and pure, ready-to-drink coconut water on the market.

All of the KOH coconuts beverages, snacks and condiments are made from local, non-GMO, pesticide, herbicide and chemical-free fruits in Thailand. The coconuts are harvested and packaged immediately within a few miles from the farms, to ensure freshness and quality

    KOH is also dedicated to help support local Thai families of farmers and their communities with fair-trade practices and a genuine, true relationship with the growers.

    Every KOH Coconut is guaranteed: 100% made in Thailand. No Sugar Added. No Artificial Flavorings or Preservatives. It’s just…

“A Simple Beverage for a Complicated World”. 

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Why Thailand?

     Thailand surely is not the major coconuts-producing country in the world, nor does it have the cheapest prices for the fruits. However, Thailand is uniquely blessed with the terroir: a combination of particular soil and micro-climates that results in sweeter, fuller body and richer taste of the Thai coconut water, especially compared to many other products produced from nearby countries.

     All of our KOH coconuts are grown naturally in the fertile and mineral rich regions in Thailand, where there’s abundance of water, sunlight and never contaminated with pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.

     Thailand is the only country in Asia never been subject to any colonial occupation throughout its long history: Thai farmers take pride of their traditions and are happy to form solid bonds with brand owners that trust them, their work and their land with their business.

     KOH COCONUT: you are guaranteed with genuine, local, pure, fragrant and fresh coconut water.

You can actually taste the sunshine of the exotic Kingdom of Siam.

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