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Fun Facts

1.   How did Coconuts get their name?

2.  Are Coconuts actually NUTS?

3.  What do you think the essential “B.B.C.”stands for in the Subtropics?

4.  Coconut Water was used as Plasma during the War?!

5.  Can you name 3 classic songs about coconuts?

6.  How tall is a coconut palm tree?

7.  What else is used except the water and the meat in the coconut or the tree?

8.  Can a coconut travel far…?

9  Can a coconut oil be used as fuel?

Everything you always wanted to know about the world of coconuts

and coconut waters is here…

Ingredients & Nut Info
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Technical Stuff

1.  Is KOH Coconut Pasteurized?

2.  Why is KOH Coconut slightly pricier than other brands?

3.  How is the cycle of coconuts' harvests? Is it like grape for wines?

4.  What is the difference between PET bottles and Tetra Pak? Cheaper? Better conservation…?

5.  Are all your chips dairy free?

6.  Are ALL Koh products suitable for vegetarians?

7.  Do KOH Products need to be shipped, stored at certain temperatures?

if you have any additional question you want to see on this page, let us know here!

General FAQ

1.  Why should I drink coconut water?

2.  The proper way to store your KOH Coconut Water

3.  Is KOH Coconut Vegan & Gluten-Free?

4.  Is it safe for my kids to drink KOH Coconut?

5.  Are KOH Coconut products organic?

6.  Can I freeze Coconut Water?

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