Sparkling Coconut Water

now available in 2 flavors : Original and Grapefruit

Size: 325 ml slim can

            Healthy Soda

The elegant combination of fresh coconut water, fruit juice and delicate bubbles meets consumers’ craving for carbonated beverages without any concern about their figure or health. It is a healthy alternative to the carbonated beverages!

          No Sugar Added

•No color, no preservatives

•Meets the modern consumers’ dietary goals

           Double Refreshing

•Coconut water contains natural electrolytes and potassium.

•Bubbles help to cool down your body.

•Sparkling coconut water combines the above 2 characteristics and becomes the best choice for refreshing/hydration in the hot summer days.

Juice Content 95%

•Natural ingredients

•Low in calories


Ambient Beverage –

  • Healthy Soda Replacement;

  • Desirable & healthier options,

  • An anytime drink for all sorts of occasions

Behavioural Segmentation:

Health-conscious; Care about body figure/weight management; probably a soda lover; pay attention to healthier alternatives at all time

TA Age:

15-45 Male & Female

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