A simple beverage for a complicated world ™

Embark with us on a journey to discover 

the freshest tropical fruits of Thailand.




All Natural

“Since we have discovered coconut water, we can’t go to our yoga studio without one”

“Refreshing, natural and delicious blend of Coconut and Mango. Simply, my favorite drink…”

“Truly, Nature’s sport drink! Full of minerals and electrolytes. Perfect after any workout”

"We couldn’t believe it… But KOH really taste like we are drinking straight out of the coconut!"

“Give me a break, coach! I’m getting rehydrated with my favorite drink!”

“As I couldn’t take my favorite Thai island with me, I buy every day the next best thing I can find back home!”

“Some of our favorite customers come in small packages….!”

“After school, my favorite sport, my favorite team and… the best drink!”